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DCTitle:  Dolores Claiborne
Author:  Stephen King
Publisher:  Viking, 1993
Genre:  Confessional
Pages:  305

essjay’s rating:  4/5
Heather’s rating:  4/5

Synopsis:  Dolores Claiborne’s long-time employer is dead. Dolores is questioned by the police. The whole book is Dolores’ first-person narrative of her life story (in one continuous chapter), for the benefit of the police.

Grey = essjay
Blue = Heather

While we were reading…

While we were reading...

When we were finished…

When we were finished

P.S. In case you were wondering, we checked on that Dolores Claiborne vs. Misery rating thing. Many of the men who rated Dolores Claiborne a one-star novel also gave Misery five stars. Not saying that means anything, but…heh.